What You Should Do When You Are Dealing with Law & Conflict with Law Enforcement Behavior

In the Criminal Procedure Code, the Law explains what is meant by the Reporting Party, namely:

Everyone who experiences, sees, witnesses and / or becomes a victim of an event, for example, who has recently been in Melbourne the victims of the Melbourne crime have the right to submit reports or complaints of the victims of crime melbourne to the investigator and/or investigator both oral and written.

Based on this definition, a Reporting Entity may be a victim or a witness of a crime. So he has the right to report or report the incident to the local police, for example, such as:

  1. Sector Police
  2. Regional Police
  3. Police Headquarters
  4. Corruption Limitation Commission, if it relates to a crime of Corruption and Bribery.

Before further discussion, it will be explained in advance about what is meant by reports and complaints (complaints). A report is a notification given by a person because of the rights or obligations under the law to the authorized official regarding whether or already a suspected criminal event has occurred.

That is, a person may report something either of his own accord or of the obligations imposed on him by law.

Whereas a Complaint is a notification accompanied by a request by an interested party to an authorized official to act according to the law of a person who has committed a criminal offense that is detrimental to it.

This understanding shows us that if someone feels that their legal rights have been impaired by someone else, then he can complain about the behavior accompanied by the desire to obtain justice or lawsuits. However, in practice, the term reporting is more often used, this is because the status that bears the person who submits the report or complaint is more often called the Reporter. In reporting or complaints to the Police, it can be done alone or accompanied by a Legal Counsel / Lawyer / Advocate.

If the Reporting Entity wishes to do the reporting itself, the Reporting Entity at the time of the Police will be directed to the Police Service Center. There are also reports or complaints only made by the Legal Counsel / Advocate with a Power of Attorney from the Reporting Party as a Client.

When making a complaint to the local police, in the capacity of the Reporting Party to be a Victim, before the Complaints report is made, the party will hold a hearing session or case title.

What is the function of the Case Title? To the best of the Author’s knowledge, that many legal events occur and injure or usurp a person’s rights but within the scope of the Civil Law. Which needs to be emphasized that the examination in the Police is within the scope of the Criminal Law. To eliminate civil complaints that are forced into the Criminal Code, a hearing session or title case is required.