Telemarketing Fraud and the Attorney to Use


Telemarketing fraud is a fraudulent company or selling something over the phone. The contact can go both ways whether it’s the victim making the call or the perpetrators calling and tricking you into giving out the private information. The victims are normally elderly because they can be more trusting and do not ask many questions.

What attorneys take fraud cases?

When a telemarketing fraud case comes up, you can find any  phoenix Telemarketing Fraud Attorney are there to help the companies accused of telemarketing fraud cases and try to prove they did not do it. Some companies are available 24/7 and each firm handles different types of fraud cases. When companies are accused for telemarketing fraud then it hurts not only their business but their reputation as well and that can cost them valuable money.

Types of telemarketing fraud

There are several types of frauds that a person can get caught up in. The type of frauds is advance fee fraud, pyramid schemes, over payment fraud, charity fraud, cramming, summer job fraud, office supply scam, and magazine subscriptions scam. Advance fee fraud is going to be when someone wants a payment up front for something. Most of the time, they will say you won some type of money and have to pay something in order to get the money. Pyramid schemes are where most people lose money because you have to invest in the company. You must pay the people to join so the ones at the top make money whereas the people at the bottom lose money. Credit card fraud is where people will call promising to make your credit score go up and help you pay off debts. These fraud calls will trick people normally into a high interest rate along with more debt. Over payment fraud is the most common. You receive a check saying you overpaid but when you cash it, it bounces. The company the contacts wanting another amount of money and the victim ends up losing the money and whatever else was promised. Charity fraud happens when you receive a call from someone saying they are from a charity when they are not. Cramming happens when the fraudulent companies slip charges in on people’s credit card bills. It is buried so deep along with being so small that people do not realize they are there. Summer job fraud are scams towards teens or young adults about available jobs. The telemarketer tells the person that they have to pay for training or something before they can start the job. This is the way they take your money. Office supply scams is where they target business managers that are to order supplies and ends up costing more and they have unwanted supplies. Magazine subscription scam is when you are offered a year subscription for a low price, but the magazines never come.