Situations Where You Could Get Hurt Unexpectedly

I know you might be wondering what all these attorneys are for. Each kind of attorney serves a purpose and it can vary depending on where you are when you get hurt. You can get hurt on the job, heading to the job, or while you’re out on your own. No matter the place or time you get hurt you may need proper representation if you have been victimized by the accident. Some people who suffer major losses have loved ones who are depending on them and now a whole family is faced with a setback due to someone else’s negligence.

On the Job

Getting hurt at work is not as uncommon as it may seem. Every now and then when I turn on the evening news, I see a story about a construction worker who was buried under rubble or a line that popped while a window washer was cleaning glass on a high rise. Accidents happen, and all of the accidents that take place while you’re under the care of your employer are supposed to be covered by workers comp. It sounds fair, but some companies try to wiggle their way out of paying this coverage. Some people lose limbs or become paralyzed and they are still faced with a stubborn employer who doesn’t want a raised premium. You can go online to search for any workers comp attorney new haven ct in your area.

Heading To The Job

When you’re on your own time you are not under the care of your job. If you’re headed to work but not yet on the clock and you get into a vehicle accident, it will be your medical and car insurance that will handle the incident. In some of those cases you may still need an attorney if you are not at fault in the accident and now you have lost your mode of transportation as well as days out of work. Your personal injury attorney will seek damages to pay all of those losses back.

Out on Your Own

Personal injury representation is not limited to vehicle accidents. If you slip and fall while you’re at a store or walking through a building, your injury is now the responsibility of the owner of that property. Whoever didn’t clean up the spill on the floor has now caused you to slip. If the sidewalk is raised and the property manager opted to ignore it, you now have a case of negligence. It’s always good to get the opinion of a seasoned attorney about your case because you never know what damages you are entitled to.


Personal injuries can happen anywhere. Even though these incidents are unexpected, you can stand up for yourself by consulting a professional to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything. Situations where you might get hurt include on the job, heading the job, or out on your own. We appreciate the payments that lawsuits can bring us, but they are never worth your livelihood. Try to be careful and cautious everywhere you go, and if a situation seems unsafe, re-evaluate it before moving forward. Always remember safety is best.