Benefits to Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy as it requires you to sit down with your ex-spouse and try to create a plan together on divisions, custody battles, and who will reside in the home. When working it out together fails, you can always contact a divorce attorney Lenoir NC to help you petition the court for custody of your children and dividing property, bank accounts, and debts. Without the help of an attorney, you may be on the winning end of a losing battle.

Creating a Fair Outcome

Sometimes even though you think you can sit down at the table with your ex-spouse and create a reasonable agreement, it just can’t happen. There is a lot of resentment after a divorce and most of the time that leads to unfair decisions that could possibly affect not only the two of you but the children as well. Before adding more unnecessary stress to your lives, take the time to contact an attorney so they can help the two of you come to a fair agreement on all matters. If an agreement cannot be made with legal counsel, the next step is placing it in front of a judge.

Custody Battle With Your Spouse

Custody battles can be the most stressful part of divorce as you and your ex-spouse are both going to want to share custody equally of your children. The thing about custody is it is mainly decided on where the child goes to school if they are of age and sometimes that does not work out in your favor if you are the one moving out of the home. To make sure all is fair in a custody battle, be sure to hire a children’s lawyer (guardian at lidem) to help make the correct decision for your children.

Help With All Divisions

Dividing property, bank accounts, and debt can be rather frustrating as you and your ex-spouse most likely are just looking to gain all the financial assets that you had together. With the help of an attorney, they will look at all assets and come up with a fair agreement that the two of you can either agree upon or fight in court over. Chances are when the offer is placed in front of the judge, they are going to agree on split shares or the most reasonable, fair offer. Making an agreement without legal help will only end in despair and disagreements.

Divorce is a time to regroup and gather your thoughts so you can make a plan on how to create the life you have just chosen. The last thing you want is to sit around arguing with your ex-wife/husband about funds, property, and custody when all you have to do is contact a divorce attorney to give you a helping hand in doing things the right and legal way. Taking steps through the legal system means that all paperwork will be set in stone and neither you or your ex-husband or wife can change the courts final decision.